Scaffolding Solutions

As one of the leading scaffolding contractors in the UK Alltask specialise in traditional tube and fitting, composite, and system scaffolding and a team that comes with years of expertise.  Our expert scaffolding design services mean you will be guaranteed to get the scaffolding solution that you need.

Our access scaffolding team can design schemes specific to individual projects, in full accordance with specification, legislation, and industry best practice and we can offer individual or integrated scaffolding solutions, to ensure you get the level of support and project management that you require.

When you choose Alltask as your approved scaffolding contractor, you will benefit from a business with over 30 years of experience in working on a vast range of projects including substations, tunnels, rail stations, waste recycling plants and residential projects, to name a few.

Alltask's intelligent KnowNow® Digitalised Management System is a bespoke management system that allows any task we undertake to be recorded, costed, and made available to the customer to view once completed. KnowNow® is a cloud-based solution that offers our customers access to data that meets their needs, whether financial, operational, statutory, or any other agreed-upon criteria.

Please read our brochure for an overview of the services offered by Alltask. If you would like to be sent a hard copy please complete a contact form.


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